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New In! Pokemon Bento

December 29, 2016

Pokemon is making a come back, BIG time! We love this cute character, Pikachu, order for delivery on dine-in, you can order directly at our restaurant. We also have Pokemon Bento Tray, medium size fit for 4 persons, with Pikachu and some of your favourite monsters. For delivery, order H-2 to our whatsapp and send it to someone special! The'y'll love it!

Disney Tsum Tsum Bento Tray

March 27, 2016

One of our customers requested a Cute Bento Tray Birthday package filled with Disney Tsum Tsum characters and some of his favourite characters. This Dinesy Tsum Tsum is a custom order, and can be adjusted to your favourite characters - suitable for birthday gift! The price for this Disney Tsum Tsum is 350K - consist of 10 rice characters, 5 portions of proteins and 1 Sushi Roll. 

Nori-gami (seaweed paper art)

January 20, 2016

We are proudly collaborating with Cutteristic (Art of Paper Cutting) to create an artistic yet delicious food! Nori means seaweed paper and origami means the art of paper cutting, we combine these artistic technic and our sushi roll and bento skill to create amazing food art. These Norigami Menu is now available for sale, start from Rp. 38.000. For more info and delivery, please contact us. 


Happy Melody Bento

January 12, 2016

Let's go nostalgic with our Cute yet delicious Happy Melody Bento! Happy Melody is one of my personal favourite Sanrio characters since I was a child. Happy Melody is a friend of Hello Kitty and creating this bento brings me childhood joy! 

Christmas Bento

December 09, 2015

Ho Ho Ho ! In this most wonderful time of the year, we create Santa and Rudolph Cute Bento, the iconic characters for Christmas. Our Christmas Bento is popular during this 2015 Christmas season, many was happy sending them to their loved ones and we are happy delivering it. What a special moment!


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