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"Your imagination should be used not to escape reality, but to create it"


We are a group of young Japanese food enthusiasts, we continuously experimenting with our taste buds and let our imagination run wild to create new, exciting, and delicious food and kyraben menu(cute bento). At Mori Express our passion is unique, tasty, and modern Japanese food for active, hip, on-the-go clientele like you. We would like to give you the experience that tease and enliven all your senses during mealtime by seeing, smelling, touching, and tasting. From sushi, bento to rolls (makimono) and hot dishes. We strive to serve you unique and modern Japanese dishes with a cute flair like no other!







Amanda Kumala - Co-Founder and Bento Artisan:

Hi everyone! I started kyraben (cute bento), inspired by my lovely nephews and nieces. I love to create cute and tasty bento with adorable looks for them and posted it on social media. Surprisingly, I got lots of love and support from my friends and families.  Since then, I have been continuously learning more bento skills from various Japanese books and from many kyraben enthusiasts all over the world. We strive to improve new and better menus and been spreading the love of kyraben throughout Jakarta.  We hope and with God’s grace that many more people will be touched by our passion for bentos and Japanese menu creations

Owner of Mori Express
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